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Geo-Engineering Solutions is a geotechnical engineering and engineering geology consulting firm dedicated to finding cost effective and creative solutions to the earth and water challenges of its clients.  We provide Geotechnical Engineering, Engineering Geology, and Materials Testing services to the public institutional as well as construction and development community of California.  We seek to use our technical skills to the best interest of our clients and find creative solutions to meet the technical and fiscal needs of the project.  

Geo-Engineering Solutions Inc. is dedicated to the following core values:

Advocacy of the Client – We strive to use our technical skills and abilities to the best use of our client.  All too often, Geotechnical Engineers and Engineering Geologists will take the easy and conservative road to just get the job done and keep themselves out of trouble.  We believe that we should seek to develop the most cost effective solutions and be appropriately conservative but not over-conservative.  We believe that we are here to advise our clients on the Geotechnical risk-reward tradeoffs and let them make the decisions that are in their best interest.
Quality is the benchmark by which we are judged – The product that we produce is what our clients, our peers, and the community will judge us by.  If we falter, we may either harm the community or put our clients at risk.  We take our role as licensed professionals serious and above all else we will strive to keep our community and our clients safe.  The technical quality of our work will not be compromised even at the expense of losing the job.

Engineering and Geology work should be interesting, challenging, and fun – We seek to work with clients who will put us to the test and give us technical challenges. These challenges can be small or large.  Some of the most interesting projects occur when you are threading a needle and being constrained by small budgets in tough geotechnical conditions.  We seek to find interesting projects which will help our younger engineers and geologists grow through the mentorship of our more experienced staff.
Profit is the natural fruit of quality work, satisfied clients, and challenged happy staff – All too often professional service firms will focus on the financials first.  We believe that if we give our staff the right tools, provide excellent quality to our clients, and provide a supportive environment, that profit is the natural fruit of our labor.