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PG&E Butte Fires

Geo-Engineering Solutions Inc. and Pavement Engineering Inc., have joined forces in providing geotechnical engineering and erosion assessment services in support of PG&E Butte Fire’s claims.


Frito Lay -
Modesto, CA

Geo-Engineering services include Geotechnical Engineering and Earthwork Observation and Testing for the project including extensive pavement construction as well as foundation observation and testing of the 154,000 sq. ft. expansion.

Camp Guernsey -
Wyoming Military Dept.

Geo-Engineering will serve as Engineer of Record for the construction of a new approximately 50,000 square foot training building. Construction of a new approximately 15,000 square foot Billet building. Construction of a new approximately 10,000 square foot dining building. Construction of site civil improvements including utilities and AC paved parking and driveways.  

Project Jupiter -
Apple Valley, CA

Construction will consist of a new roughly 1,310,000 square foot, single
story building, with other associated improvements such as parking areas, landscaping, utilities and grading.

Iron Mountain Shred Plant - Newark, CA

Geo-Engineering’s construction services will consist of the construction of new vaults and foundations for equipment upgrades at the existing
project location.

Gallo Glass Company -
Modesto, CA

Geo-Engineering’s construction services will consist of supplemental engineering analysis, consultation on the implementation of geotechnical recommendations, and supplemental plan review as required by the City of Modesto.